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Thirteen years ago, I was the first leasing agent hired at a local luxury leasing company and helped the owner grow the business from the bottom up. Six years ago, I took those experiences and parlayed them into the North Shore real estate market, handling rentals at a high level with the backing of a trusted, local brokerage. My strong background in rentals translates to experienced guidance and a real understanding of our local markets as you begin the search for that perfect tenant. I am passionate about pairing my landlord clients with their ideal tenants, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. 


The hardest part in rentals is finding the perfect tenant and that is the service that I provide. My professionalism throughout the renting process sets me far apart from the standard property management company. I, along with Keller Williams, represent your property from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of service and individualized care. The ability to market rental listings on MLS where other realtors can search has been an invaluable tool in placing high quality tenants into properties throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Over the years, I have built strong relationships with countless agents, within and outside of my brokerage. Other agents, relocation specialists and prospective tenants recognize and trust both my team and the KW brand to be the top choice in achieving their real estate goals.


Whether it's an unexpected relocation or a new investment opportunity, John genuinely understands the ins and outs of renting your property for the first time. John and his team forge a personal connection with their clients, taking the time to assess their needs and help make the transition from homeowner into landlord with confidence. Because John also has extensive experience buying and selling for his clients, he sees the bigger picture and helps his clients achieve their long term goals with ease. John's business is structured for the long game and shares your goal of finding a quality, low-maintenance tenant. 


From learning what your property is worth in the current rental market to discussing the ins and outs of renting, my team and I offer confidential consultations, at no cost to you.


John and his team are here to get the results you need in the most efficient way possible. If you're a seasoned investor looking to expedite the process, Express Leasing will get your property listed within 48 hours of a signed contract.

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